My name is Anna Toole and I’m a Concierge Chef, who also teaches cooking classes on how to improve your health through either plant based or paleo meals, and by firmly emphasizing nutritional eating habits to my clients, for nutrition is the NEXUS of health.
I’ve attended College/University and Culinary School. Had the luxury of working on Maxi-charter yachts, while deciding on my career choice-Psychology or Culinary Arts, Having been trained under the culinary eye of Master Chef Michel Le Borgne at NECI, then Über Maser Chef Daniel Boulud and Chef Patrice Böely at the Hotel Westbury- Polo Club in Nyc. My career has had me working side by side with some incredible celebrity talents of culinary recognition.

The day I met Julia Child, in the the restaurant I was Pastry Chef at called Le Cherche Midi, between 51st & 52nd in mid-town Manhattan, was a DREAM. For her to have <ahem> dare I say “praised” my selection of epicurean Chocolate & Berry petite desserts was OFF the RAILS!!!  I actually shared an INCREDIBLE glass of Pinot Noir with her…and some experiences from days in Paris. OMG was that ever a Fabulous night, and Never will be forgotten!!!

Aside from those cooking adventures, I now reside in SWFL, and have lived and worked in Paris and St. Tropez France, owned a Restaurant & Catering Company, catering exclusively to Fortune 500 clients visiting Ulupalakua, Maui, HI, was a Restaurant Consultant for Sea Horse Ranch in the N. Coast of the Dominican Republic, had been the Personal Chef for many years to 2 well known American women, in both Cashiers, NC., & SWFL.

I’m also the Owner of a small, boutique gourmet product line of Wine & Bourbon Desserts, either made European sweet or Plant based pure.

My artisan gourmet desserts are an affordable, flavorful luxury and have been featured with Corporate vendors in the past such as Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Open Sky, Sur La Table and Soft Surroundings. My Lux Champagne Cheesecake with a custard base, a sprinkling of crust, dark chocolate glaze and gilded gold, was on CBS Sunday, in their segment titled “Say Cheesecake”, which caused a flurry of press and publication articles from coast to coast.

Considering I’m asked all the time what my business name means, this is the breakdown of my company name-SABOR translates in Spanish to taste, AM are the initials to my name, and also “all things magic”, to believe in one’s self and the conceptual dream & WOW is for wholesome, organic and wonderful =SABORAM WOW.

My goal is to build a top quality brand, with creative wholesome, organic and wonderful meals for my private clients and through sales and marketing of my unique Wine & Bourbon artisanal-gourmet desserts.

Unfortunately while married, I was asked to abandon & put my company on “hold, what a foolish decision, to give up my career? Who asks that of another? Quite the major mistake…and lesson learned. Divorced that person, then sadly in that same year of 2014, suffered the loss of my cousin, my beautiful pet of 13 years, an Akita & Grey Wolf named Tazzy, and my sister to succumb to stage iv cancer, regrettably, she passed.

Now re-energized and revived having restructured SABORAM to SABORAM WOW, with all under one umbrella.
The philosophy is simple: SABORAM= European sweet or plant based natural desserts and WOW= wholesome, organic & wonderful Chef crafted meals for private clients, created in a chic manner prepared with straightforward flavors, and many healing, organic ingredients.

With my unabashed Passion for many years being Plant based, I enjoy baking & cooking in that healthy platform!
Steadily carving my niche, and bringing  to the forefront my reputation as a Premiere Private Chef, & Consultant in the SWFL community.

It humbles me to work for some of the nicest clients & friends, who enjoy growing in the vast knowledge that food is healing, nutritional & PHENOMENAL.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me & SABORAM WOW.

Best & Cheers!

Chef Anna Toole


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